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55+ Focus

55+This symbol indicates programs that are senior friendly.



Adult Classes

Not sure if a class is right for you?

Come try the first class for just $10. If you decide to take the class, you may register for the class at the main office.


The Park District offers limited financial assistance to In District patrons for classes, programs and activities. For more information contact the front office at 541-688-4052.


General Interest ClassesGeneral Interest



Bunco is played with three dice. Groups play for prizes and cash. Each round correlates to a number on the die; the first round correlates with the one, round two correlates with the two, etc. If it is round four and the player rolls the dice and three of them land on four that player gets a bunco. We provide the supplies and love to teach people to play. Contact Christy at (541) 653-3734 for information or email riverroadbunco@ gmail.com. Bring a side dish for a potluck. Held at River Road Annex, 1055 River Road.
1/7, 2/4, 3/4 . . . Su . . . 4:30-7p
$6 per month payable at the door.


Chic Basics: Build a Core Wardrobe

Do you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear?  This class will help you to learn to build a core wardrobe for your lifestyle.  Discover how to edit your clothes, shop your closet, and determine what’s missing.  Feel good about the way you look and be ready to get compliments.  Bring notebook and pencil. Instructor: Patricia Hillyer of Your Style Connection.
3/5 . . . M . . . 6:30-8:30p . . . $8 ID/$10 OD


Declutter and Organize your Home

New Year’s resolution, downsizing or just too much stuff? Where do you start?  Learn practical ways and helpful hints to make your house easier to maintain. This two-part class provides tips, ideas, and tools to immediately start a successful plan of action. Bring notebook and pen. Instructor: Patricia Hillyer of Your Style Connection.
2/12 & 19 . . . M . . . 6:30-8:30p . . . $20 ID/$25 OD


Lane Writers Series

We have so much local talent! Enjoy monthly authors’ readings of poetry, fiction, non-fiction ... you name it! This FREE reading series is held at the River Road Annex, 1055 River Road. Authors’ books are available for purchase and refreshments are served.
1/28, 2/25, 3/25 . . . Su . . . 4:30-6p . . . Free


NEW! Recycling 101

What’s trash? What’s not? Once recycling leaves your bin, that jumble of paper, metal and plastic, along with separated glass, become commodities – goods that can be sold to buyers in the region and around the world. But the recycling ritual also comes with a lot of questions. Join Emily Shelton, Education Manager at BRING for an informational session about the do’s and don’ts of recycling, including new changes to our local comingle collection system.
2/5 . . . M . . . 11a-12p . . . Free
3/19 . . . M . . . 6:30-7:30p . . . Free


Recycling Thought: The Last Plastic Straw

In the United States, we use 500 million straws a day! That is enough waste to wrap the circumference of the earth 2.5 times or fill Yankee Stadium over 9 times in a Year! Now imagine that magnified by global consumption.  The “Last Plastic Straw project” strives to educate the people about the impact of single use plastic, its effects on our health, our environment, and our oceans. The Last Plastic Straw aims to eliminate from the source, the use of single use plastic. Make a simple pledge to “skip the straw.” You can simply request “no straw” at bars & restaurants and share your commitment with others. Encourage your favorite restaurant or bar to only provide straws on request from the customer and to use compostable or reusable options to the plastic. Such a simple action will have a positive and far reaching effect on our planet.


Health and Wellness


Adaptive Telephone Equipment

The Oregon Telecommunications Devices Access Program loans telephone equipment at no cost and with no income requirement to Oregon residents who have hearing, vision, speech, cognitive or mobility impairment.  Come learn about this free service and the equipment available.
3/2 . . . F . . . 1:30-2:30p . . . Free


Affordable Life Coaching for Women

Life coaching is a process of bringing out the best of you so you can live your life to the fullest potential. It focuses on the present condition and looking forward, creating the desired future. Life coaching is for you if you want clarity about the present and the future, you have tried to make changes without success and you have a specific goal/dream but don’t know how to achieve it. Benefits include clarity about present/future, helps you to take action and motivates individuals toward their goals. For more information please contact the instructor, Dilfuza Mulvey, Certified Professional Coach at dilyamulvey@mail.ru. All appointments are private sessions. Held in Room 3 at Emerald Park. Cancellations/rescheduling appointments must be coordinated directly with Instructor.
1/6-3/17 . . . Sa . . . 10a-1p
½ hr. Session: $20
1 hr. Session: $35
1.5 hr. Session: $50


Empowered Family, Empowered Birth

A childbirth education class that focuses on a holistic approach to birth and parenting. Topics covered will include: anatomy and physiology of childbirth; natural childbirth, epidural, c-section? We will discuss and support all of your birthing options: what to expect from different birth settings (hospital, home, birth center), birth goals, massage and exercise for pregnancy and labor, deep relaxation techniques, reducing fears and worries, aromatherapy, newborn care, breastfeeding, transitioning to life with baby, sibling transition support and role of doulas in childbirth. No drop-ins please. Pre-registration required. Class held at River Road Annex, 1055 River Road. Instructor: Corrinne Kaleese & Kari Hagemeyer.
1/7-1/28 . . . Su . . . 12-3p
$60 ID/ $70 OD Fee includes birth partner.


Memory Loss, Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Co-sponsored with Alzheimer’s Association and River Road Park District. This class will be held at 1400 Lake Dr. Please pre-register 541-688-4052. Space is limited. Presenter: Abby Gershenzon.

Healthy Living for Your Brain and Body: Tips from the Latest Research

Learn how to develop habits for living a healthy lifestyle.  Studies have shown that proper brain and heart health can contribute to the possible risk reduction of diseases and can ultimately lead to a longer and healthier life.
2/9 . . . F . . . 10a-12p . . . Free


Know the 10 Signs: Early Detection Matters

Learn the 10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s disease, hear from people who have the disease, and find out how to recognize the signs in yourself and others.
3/2 . . . F . . . 10a-12p . . . Free


The Basics: Memory Loss, Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Learn about detection, causes, risk factors, stages and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.  This program is designed to help you understand the difference between normal age-related memory changes and more serious memory problems that should be evaluated by a medical professional.
3/9 . . . F . . . 10a-12p . . . Free


Optimal Core Alignment

Ages 50+. As a doctor of physical therapy and health advocate, Melanie is delighted to help people discover aligning with Nature’s design for us in body, mind and spirit. Expect to gain specific tools to sustain unique transformation in a powerful way. Inspired by the work of ancient yogic practices and current scientific revelations from Drs. Wayne Dyer, Mark Hyman, Joe Dispenza, Rick Hanson and Joe Pizzorno among others, relax into more resilience and the ability to generate more peaceful responses to life’s daily stress. State of the art breakthroughs in the science of neuroplasticity and movement training will leave you transformed. You will feel a sense of alignment you may not have felt in years.


Melanie has her Masters and Doctorate in Physical Therapy and 30+ years of experience in a broad holistic background of health advocacy, pain relief and restoring vibrant function. She lived and worked in Africa and Asia for many years and incorporates ancient Buddhist and Vedic principles in her trainings as well as breakthrough research in current physical therapy, health and nutrition advances. She runs a clinic in Eugene treating hundreds of people using her system for alignment awareness and specially designed shoe inserts that “remind to align”. She lights up when she can help people feel better and move more easily than they thought they ever could again. Instructors: Don Cross and Melanie Carlone.
2/2-2/23 . . . F . . . 1:30-2:30p
Adult: $59 ID/$69 OD . . . Senior: $49 ID/$59 OD


OSU Extension


Tree Fruits, Small Fruits & Grape Pruning Workshop

Get ready for spring. This afternoon workshop instructed by an OSU Extension Service Master Gardener will cover proper pruning equipment, important pruning principles, best time to prune and different pruning cuts and pruning techniques that will speed up your pruning. This is an indoor lecture with the use of a variety of plant materials for the demonstration. Handout materials will be provided. Instructor: OSU Extension Service Master Gardener.
1/23 . . . Tu . . . 1:30-3:30p          
Suggested Donation: $10 pay at the door.


Rose Pruning Workshop

Get ready to smell the roses. This afternoon workshop instructed by an OSU Extension Service Master Gardener will cover the best time to prune roses, proper pruning equipment, and important pruning principles for pruning hybrid tea, floribunda, shrub and climbing roses. This is an indoor lecture with a demonstration on a potted rose. Handout materials will be provided.  Instructor: OSU Extension Service Master Gardener.
2/6 . . . Tu . . . 1:30-3:30p          
Suggested Donation: $10 pay at the door


Special Events


Block Kids Competition

Come join us for a morning of fun and excitement! Block Kids is a free event designed for grade school aged children – 1st through 6th grade. This event introduces children to careers in the construction industry and encourages them to use their imagination to create a structure with a specific set of materials. It also allows children to explore how and why a structure is built. Registration is required as space is limited. Registration forms will be available in January on the Science Factory Children’s Museum website at http://sciencefactory.org. You can fax, mail or drop off the registration form at the Science Factory. You will also be able to register in person at the Science Factory. Pick up a flyer at the front office for information on how the competition works. For more information contact:  Nancy Ograin at 541-935-7065 or nancy.ograin@gmail.com.
2/3 . . . Sa . . . Check in 1-1:30p     
Contest begins at 1:30p


Bunny Eggstravaganza

3/31 . . . Sa . . . 10-11:30a


Winter Blood Drive Dates

1/2 . . . Tu . . . 2-5p
2/9  . . . F . . . 10a-4p
3/13 . . . Tu . . . 2-5p
4/6  . . . F . . . 10a-4p


Urban Homesteading Series

1/10-3/21 . . . W . . . 7-9p
Cost per class: $18 ID/$21 OD
Instructor: Kevin Prier


1/10 - Intro to Urban Homesteading – Free

Come find out how you can start living more simply, sustainably, and cheaply. We will discuss why we do what we do, how to decide where to start and how to get the best return on your efforts. We will also discuss topics for the remainder of the series. If you are interested in any of the homesteading classes, we encourage you to join us for this discussion.


Garden Series

Time to start planning for spring! Get your garden beds ready for early planting, increase your yard’s production with a bee hive and a few chickens, add to fruit trees by grafting on new varieties, and put in some culinary and basic medicinal herbs.

1/17 - Backyard Poultry

Nothing beats a fresh backyard egg. Learn how to raise egg-laying chickens and ducks – breeds, feed, housing, and safeguards against predators and disease. Get a small coop or chicken tractor ready for spring hatching season.


1/24 - Garden Prep for Spring

Get your garden ready for an early planting of peas and start your tomato seeds inside so they are ready when the weather warms up. Gardening basics and more advanced techniques will include starts vs. direct sowing, co-planting, beneficial insects and how to attract them, composting, soil amendments, and maximizing limited space. Free seeds included with class.

1/28 - Pruning and Grafting (Sunday, 2–4pm at instructor’s home)

Learn how to prune fruit trees and grapes for form and productivity – thinning, recognizing fruiting spurs, and directing growth patterns. Learn how to graft new varieties onto existing trees or rootstock in time to take advantage of the free fruit grafting material from Eugene’s annual Propagation Fair in March.


2/7 - Introduction to Beekeeping

Beekeeping can be a rewarding hobby and provide quality local honey for your family. Learn beekeeping basics – equipment, supplies, sources, and techniques – before you commit to your own hives. Learn about current issues with beekeeping, local laws, common diseases and pests and their treatment options. Local package bees arrive in early April.

2/14 - Herb Gardens

Almost everyone has room for a small herb garden. Learn which herbs grow well in pots, how to keep your herbs happy and productive, and how to store them dried or frozen. We will also discuss many non-culinary uses for herbs.


Kitchen Series

With just an hour or two in the kitchen, you can produce up to a year’s worth of soap, a batch of cream cheese or a hard cheese, a tasty loaf of sourdough, jars of herbed or garlic sauerkraut, or a big batch of granola for the week.

2/21 - Soap Making

Learn the basics of making bar soap from scratch. We will discuss the chemistry of saponification, properties of different base oils and local sources, and fragrance oils and other additives while we make a batch of soap. You will also learn how to make liquid soap and two forms of laundry soap. Take home a share of the soap we produce.


2/28 - Cheese Making

We will make a fresh hard cheese, and learn about different hard and soft cheese cultures and processes. We will go through the entire process from cultured milk to formed cheese ready for the press. We will also go over how to make ricotta, yogurt, and kefir.


3/7 - Bread Making/Sourdough

Learn how to catch, care for, and use a wild sourdough culture. We will also go over regular bread baking techniques for those who want to start simple. Over the course of this class, we will make a batch of sourdough bread while we learn about proofing, the complex biology of a vital sourdough culture, and tips and tricks to get that great artisanal style bread in your own kitchen. Take home your own small round loaf and a sourdough culture.


3/14 - Fermenting: Sauerkraut, Kombucha

Learn sauerkraut basics as we turn a head (or several) of cabbage and some salt into sauerkraut and take home a pint to ferment and enjoy. You will also learn how to make kimchi, kombucha, vinegar, and gurken pickles. There will be kombucha SCOBY to take home for anyone who wants it.


3/21 - Granola and Other Easy Breakfasts

Making a big batch of granola at home is much cheaper than buying and you can dramatically cut the fat and sugar to suit your diet. Help make a batch in class to take home and learn about other healthy, easy breakfast recipes.



Computer ClassesComputers

55+ classesAll classes are 55+ friendly

The computer workshops apply to anyone who has a Windows PC or a Mac where noted.


Instructors Carole & John Hall are semi-retired computer professionals. They develop and provide detailed, illustrated handouts for every workshop. For specific questions regarding classes please email the instructors at: pcworkshops@comcast.net.


Refunds will only be given if participant gives 48 hours or more notice of cancellation.


The workshops with “Computer” in the title apply to those with Windows or Mac PCs.


Windows classes: Limited Windows 10s are available in class. If you have a Windows 10 laptop that’s working well you can bring it to class with adapter & plug.


Mac Classes: If you have a Mac laptop that’s working well, bring it to class with adapter & plug.


Know Your Computer (Windows & Mac)

Do you have questions about using your computer? You’ll find answers using the Guide to Terms & Use provided in this class. You’ll learn basic terms, get how-to info, & explore how to handle common computer headaches.       
1/11 . . . Th . . . 12:30-3:30p
Adult: $21 ID/$25 OD . . . Senior: $17 ID/$21 OD


Mac Basics & More

Are you a new Mac user? OR...Do you need to fill in the blanks to better use your Mac? In this class you find & practice the most needed Mac functions. You also learn how to improve Mac security and add the apps you want, even if they’re not in the App Store.      
1/18 . . . Th . . . 12:30-3:30p
Adult: $21 ID/$25 OD . . . Senior: $17 ID/$21 OD


Windows 10: Problems & Solutions

Having problems with Windows 10’s constant changes & major updates? Learn how to help avoid the worst hassles, protect privacy, and solve current problems to prevent worst ones in the future.            
1/25       Th           12:30-3:30p
Adult: $21 ID/$25 OD      Senior: $17 ID/$21 OD


Organize Your Mac

Having problems finding items saved in your Mac? This class helps you find & organize everything in Finder. You’ll also use cut/copy/paste to move & save info, and flash drives, & memory cards to add and remove items.          
2/1 . . . Th . . . 12:30-3:30p
Adult: $21 ID/$25 OD . . . Senior: $17 ID/$21 OD


Protect Your Computer

What are the best methods to protect computers of any type from both outside attacks and internal problems caused by OS changes or apps? Learn about virus protection, scans, and avoiding malware and hijackers.             
2/8 . . . Th . . . 12:30-3:30p
Adult: $21 ID/$25 OD . . . Senior: $17 ID/$21 OD


Organize Your Windows PC

Can you easily find everything you saved in your PC? This class helps you find & organize all your photos, documents, etc. You’ll also use cut/copy/paste to move & save info and flash drives, & memory cards to add and remove items.                
2/15 . . . Th . . . 12:30-3:30p
Adult: $21 ID/$25 OD . . . Senior: $17 ID/$21 OD


After Windows 7: What Next?

If you use Windows 7, what will you do in less than 2 years when it’s no longer supported by Microsoft? Learn the pros and cons of the multiple options available to make your best choice and how to keep your PC running well until then.    
2/22 . . . Th . . . 12:30-3:30p
Adult: $21 ID/$25 OD . . . Senior: $17 ID/$21 OD


Edit Photos in Your Mac

Would you rather NOT have to keep & edit your photos in Apple’s Cloud? If so, instead of using Photos, you can download and practice with a 2 free photo editing program that lets you keep all your photos within your Mac–no Cloud needed! 
3/1 . . . Th . . . 12:30-3:30p
Adult: $21 ID/$25 OD . . . Senior: $17 ID/$21 OD


Transfer Photos from Phone or Tablet to Computer

Do you want to “own” your phone or tablet photos and keep them safe? Learn methods to prevent losing photos by transferring them from a phone or tablet to your computer. You’ll also be able to quickly find & edit even the oldest photos.               
3/8 . . . Th . . . 12:30-3:30p
Adult: $21 ID/$25 OD . . . Senior: $17 ID/$21 OD


Computer, Tablet, Smartphone: Which Do You Need?

What are the pros and cons of having a PC vs. a tablet vs. a smartphone? Does one of these devices cover all needs? If not, which is/are best for you? Discover answers to all these questions.           
3/15 . . . Th . . . 12:30-3:30p
Adult: $21 ID/$25 OD . . . Senior: $17 ID/$21 OD



Digital Cameras


Look for the Spring Program Guide for more classes!



Language ClassesLanguages

55+ classesAll classes are 55+ friendly


French - Advanced

Improve your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills based on a French novel or articles designed for native speakers. Grammar and vocabulary discussed. Instructor: Amey Herman.
1/9-3/13 . . . Tu . . . 8:30-10a
Adult: $70 ID/$85 OD . . . Senior: $55 ID/$70 OD


Italian 1

An introduction to Italian language and culture. Focus is on basic conversation skills, useful vocabulary and phrases for the traveler. Textbook Living Language is available for purchase from the park office. Instructor: Sied Imani.
1/9-3/13 . . . Tu . . . 6-8:30p
Adult: $85 ID/$100 OD . . . Senior: $70 ID/$85 OD


Italian 2

Emphasis on vocabulary and grammar. Guided dialog will help improve pronunciation and increase comprehension. Textbook: Living Language is available for purchase at office. Beginning Italian or instructor approval required. Instructor: Sied Imani.
1/10-3/14  . . . W . . .  6-8:30p
Adult: $85 ID/$100 OD . . . Senior: $70 ID/$85 OD


Spanish 1

Beginning class no experience necessary. Focus on commonly used phrases and language for the traveler. Textbook: Living Language is available for purchase from the office.
1/9-3/13 . . . Tu . . . 3:30-6p
1/10-3/14  . . . W . . . 11:30a-2p
Adult: $85 ID/$100 OD    Senior: $70 ID/$85 OD


Spanish 1+

Focus on commonly used phrases and language for the traveler. Textbook: Living Language is available for purchase from the office. Must have instructor approval or have taken one term of Spanish 1. Instructor: Sied Imani.
1/10-3/14  . . . W . . . 9-11:30a
Adult: $85 ID/$100 OD  . . . Senior: $70 ID/$85 OD


Spanish 2+

Continuation of beginning Spanish, with an emphasis on vocabulary and grammar. Guided dialog to improve pronunciation and increase comprehension. Textbook: Living Language is available for purchase at the office. Spanish I or instructor approval required. Held at River Road Annex, 1055 River Road. Instructor: Sied Imani.
1/11-3/15 . . . Th . . . 1:45-4:15p
Adult: $85 ID/$100 OD . . . Senior: $70 ID/$85 OD


Spanish Club

Practice listening, speaking and reading using audio visual materials in an informal setting. Basic knowledge of Spanish is needed. Club Coordinators: Janet Pietzold & Bonnie Rutledge.
1/11-3/15 . . . Th . . . 10a-12p . . . $5 per term



Applied Arts

55+ classesAll classes are 55+ friendly

Drop in fee for all fine art classes is $10.



Flower Power 1

Love flowers? This hands-on design class will teach you basic styles and techniques of flower arranging. Create a new fresh arrangement each week to take home. Cost includes supplies and flowers. Class held at the Flower Market: 151 Main St., Springfield. Instructor: Fran Sondag.
1/9-2/6 . . . Tu . . . 6:15-8:15p . . . $90


Flower Power 2 (Must complete Flower Power 1)

Love flowers? This hands-on class will build upon the techniques of flower arranging learned in Flower Power 1. Create a new fresh arrangement each week to take home. Cost includes supplies and flowers. Class held at the Flower Market: 151 Main St., Springfield. Instructor: Fran Sondag.
2/20-3/20 . . . Tu . . . 6:15-8:15p . . . $90


Knitting & Crocheting

Learn basic knitting and crocheting techniques. Bring your own project. Individual help will be given. Bring your own crochet hook, size G or H or knitting needles, size 8 or 9, and worsted weight yarn. Instructor: Cindy Sittner.
1/8-3/19 . . . M . . . 1-3p
Adult: $30 ID/$35 OD . . . Senior: $25 ID/$30 OD


Mosaics/Garden Art

In mosaics, learn to design pictures on everything from flower pots to designer stepping stones. Choosing a base, selecting the kind of pieces you want to use, type of adhesive, breaking or cutting, arranging your pieces then grouting and sealing. In this class we will be working on some “Garden Art” projects. Some supplies are covered in class fee. Instructor: Cindy Sittner.
1/11-3/15 . . . Th . . . 12:30-2:30p
Adult: $50 ID/$60 OD . . . Senior: $40 ID/$50 OD


NEW! Sewing Circle

Come sew and learn from others. We will brainstorm and decide how the class will proceed when we all meet the first night. Topics to discuss- bringing in instructors, doing group projects, learning sewing techniques, short cuts, materials, notions and taking field trips. Bring a list of things you’d like to do with the sewing circle to the first class so we can hammer it out. After our meeting, we can work on a home project so feel free to bring your machine with you on the first night. You will need to bring your machine and supplies when needed. We will meet the 3rd Tuesday of the month.
1/16, 2/20, 3/20, 4/17 . . . Tu . . . 5-7p . . . Free


Stained Glass: Beginning & Intermediate

Learn glass cutting, pattern design, copper foil construction, soldering, and other techniques related to stained glass. Emphasis will be on project construction with individual attention. Supplies discussed at first class. All tools are available for use in class. Instructor: Cindy Sittner.
1/9-3/13 . . . Tu . . . 12:30-2:30p
Adult: $60 ID/$70 OD . . . Senior: $50 ID/$60 OD



Fine Arts ClassesFine Arts

55+ classesAll classes are 55+ friendly


Oil Painting with Passion: Open Studio

Come explore painting, communicating what the eye sees on the canvas. Continue to paint like yourself and find your own style, taking risks as we work thru techniques, color and creativity. Bring references and materials. There will be demos and critiques. Supply list for newcomers at first class.
Instructor: Lynzie Kronhein.
1/8-3/12 . . . M . . . 1:30-4:30p
Adult: $95 ID/$110 OD . . . Senior: $80 ID/$95 OD


Parent / Child Art Class

Join us for an art/poetry painting class for parents and children ages 8-12. Come share your favorite poem or children’s story and watch the characters come to life through art. All supplies provided. Instructor: Lynzie Kronheim.
1/8-2/5 . . . M . . . 5:30-7:30p
Cost for Parent & Child:  $38 ID/$ 45OD
2/12-3/12 . . . M . . . 5:30-7:30p
Cost for Parent & Child:  $38 ID/$ 45OD


Psycho-Physical Aesthetics (Workshop)

Explore the opening of how new art lessons can create possible intentions to your life’s purpose. The inner work of self-discovery is crucial to the discovery of the importance of your life’s mission. Earlier schooling taught the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic leaving you only minimum time to quietly explore your inner lives. Come join the art class process and renew yourself. Being an artist was not on your mind. Please bring to class one blank notebook and something to write with. Instructor: Barbara Masters, MFA.
2/24-3/10 . . . Sa . . . 12-3:30p . . . $40 ID / $50 OD


Watercolor: Beginning & Intermediate

Learn how to enjoy the art of watercolor. Carol teaches her own method of Rock & Roll in watercolor. Learn how to make watercolors vibrant and alive. If you have any watercolor supplies bring them. The instructor will do some demos and you may follow along or work on your own project. If you don’t have supplies for the first day, we have some to get you started. Instructor: Carol Fourtner. Limited to 12 students.
1/9-3/13 . . . Tu . . . 9a-12p
1/11-3/15 . . . Th . . . 9a-12p
1/11-13/15 . . . Th . . . 1-4p
Adult: $95 ID/$110 OD . . . Senior: $80 ID/$95 OD
Drop in fee:  $15 Adult / $10 Senior


Water Media Painting Group

Join this informal water media painting group. Non-structured with critiques if desired.
1/3-3/21 . . . W . . . 9a-12p . . . $15




Ballroom Dance

55+ classesAll classes are 55+ friendly

Registration for all classes can now be made through StaverDanceSport at (541) 746-6268. View their class schedule HERE.


Dance ClassesDance


Belly Dance: Beginning

Learn the art of belly dance in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Class will cover basic movements, isolation’s, and cultural/historical aspects. An enjoyable way to improve your grace, flexibility, and muscle tone. Instructor: Candice Morgan.
1/11-3/15 . . . Th . . . 6:30-7:30p
Adult: $45 ID/$55 OD . . . Senior: $35 ID/$45 OD


Belly Dance: Intermediate

Geared toward the student who has a thorough understanding of the basics. Focus on building a bigger vocabulary of movement and knowledge. Will include movement review, combinations, finger cymbals, veil work, costuming, and more. Instructor approval needed to take this class. Instructor: Candice Morgan.
1/11-3/15 . . . Th . . . 7:30-8:30p
Adult: $45 ID/$55 OD . . . Senior: $35 ID/$45 OD


NEW! Capoeira Mandinga

Ages 12+. Capoeira is an ancient martial art created by African and Brazilian people long ago. It is a beautiful blend of body expression, dance, music, and movement. Classes are intended for beginners but all skill levels are welcome to practice. Build a foundation by learning the basic physical, musical, and cultural elements of capoeira. Class will start with basic warm up and movements building a foundation in Capoeira. Movement sequences will be followed by partner drills. The class will end with students applying what they have learned to the game or dance of Roda (a circle of people playing music and singing traditional capoeira songs). Uniform required after the first month. Instructor: Nathaniel Branning.
1/16-3/29 . . . TuTh . . . 6:15-7:45p . . . $60/month
One time uniform cost: $45


Hawaiian Hula Basics: Beginners

Ages 12+. Learn to dance the hula! Low-impact, core-strengthening, and fun exercise for all ages. Class is tailored for beginners, absolutely no experience necessary. Wear modest comfortable clothing you can move freely in (no swimsuits), be prepared to dance barefoot, and bring a sarong to wear for class. Aloha! Instructor: Iwalani.
1/11-2/1 . . . Th . . . 6:15p-7:15p
Youth/Senior: $38 ID/ $43 OD . . . Adult: $48 ID/ $53 OD
2/8-3/1 . . . Th  . . . 6:15p-7:15p
Youth/Senior: $38 ID/ $43 OD . . . Adult: $48 ID/ $53 OD


Line Dancing

Some prior dance experience is useful for this improved beginner class. Line dancing is good exercise for your brain, can help with balance and is low impact on your joints. Come meet new people and have fun while exercising. Wear loose, cool, clothing and shoes that will slide on the floor. No partner necessary. Instructor: Mary Wall.
1/11-2/1 . . . Th . . . 2:30-3:30p
Adult: $20 ID / $24 OD . . . Senior: $16 ID / $20 OD
3/8 & 15 . . . Th . . . 2:30-3:30
Adult: $10 ID / $12 OD . . . Senior: $8 ID / $10 OD


Party Dancing with DJ Dave

Have a wedding or other party coming up where there will be dancing? Wish you knew the steps, so you could join in? Good News! Lazer Dave Entertainment will be providing free dancing lesson sessions! Each session will cover a popular dance step or line dance. Have some fun, get a bit of exercise and be ready for the dance parties. All ages welcome. Instructor: DJ Lazer Dave.
1/8-3/19 . . . M . . . 8-9p      
Donations accepted at the door.


Scottish Country Dancing

Ages 16+. Learn the basics of Scottish Country Dancing (the traditional ballroom dancing of Scotland) in a fun and welcoming atmosphere. No experience or partner necessary. The first hour is geared toward teaching beginners and those wanting a refresher of the basic steps, formations, and dance types. We will cover jigs, reels, and the strathspey. The second hour is a mixed class of advanced beginners to experienced dancers who have a working knowledge of the basics and want to improve their skills and learn more advanced formations. Dress in comfortable clothing and soft soled shoes. Held at Santa Clara Grange, 295 Azalea Drive.
1/3-3/21 . . . W . . . 7-8p . . . Beginners
1/3-3/21 . . . W . . . 8-9p . . . Adv. Beg - Advanced
$15 per month payable at the door.




Music ClassesMusic


Acoustic Jam Session

Join us for a drop in acoustic string jam session (guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, base fiddle, ukulele, etc.) at the River Road Annex, 1055 River Road. All levels welcome. For questions, please call 541-521-5601. The acoustic jam will take place on the following dates. Held at River Road Annex, 1055 River Road.
1/14 & 21, 2/11 & 18, 3/11 & 18 . . . Su . . . 4:30-7p
$5 per term



All ages. A lifelong musician, Ashley Wright has studied music at the U of O, and now performs with local ensembles Samba Ja and The Beat Crunchers on percussion, keyboards and saxophone. Her experience includes private piano lessons, co-directing Samba Ja, and tutoring music theory at LCC. Ashley’s motivation for playing music is to have fun. Weekly half-hour private lessons. Please call our office at 541-688-4052 for Ashley’s contact info to determine lesson availability.
Ongoing  . . . TuWTh
$18 ID/$20 OD Per 30 minute lesson


Guitar / Voice

Ages 10+. Melody Joy Jackson has been teaching music since 1999 and absolutely loves it! Melody offers guitar and voice lessons teaching fundamentals as well as practical application in music. Her teaching approach is based on her students learning style and interests. Melody has been giving private lessons and directing music programs on the Oregon Coast for many years and has now relocated to Eugene. Lessons are offered once per week and scheduled through the instructor on a monthly base. To schedule a lesson, contact Melody Joy at 541-264-0610 or by email at melodyjoyjackson@gmail.com. Fees are due in full at the beginning of the month. Please stop by or call the Park District Office at (541) 688-4052 to pay for your lessons once you have scheduled them with the instructor. Make up lessons may be rescheduled with the instructor. No refunds for missed lessons.
Ongoing F
1/2 hour lesson: $20
45 min. lesson: $30
1 hour lesson: $35


Singing in Harmony

Join us in this fun and interactive class.  Learn and practice ear training, intervals and how to find and hold harmonies. The class will start with two part harmony and then move to three part.  Focus will be on folk and blues. Instructor Julie Thompson has been singing harmony since she was “knee high to a grasshopper” and wants to share her love of singing with groups that can sing together.
1/15-2/5 . . . M . . . 7-8:30p
Adult $24 ID/$30 OD . . . Senior: $18 ID/$24 OD





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