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Summer Camps & Activities


FREE LUNCH (USDA Summer Food Program)

18 and under. Lunch will be served daily around noon at the Park shelter. Food is provided and prepared by the federally subsidized USDA Summer Food Program and served on a first come first serve basis. Menus will be posted at the Park shelter. (Artie the Art Bus will be at Emerald Park from 10:00a-12p. on T,Th. New art projects each day.)


Playschool fun camps are full. If interested, please call and put yourself on a waitlist.


River Road Park District Permission Slip


Playschool Fun Camp

Ages 2-3. Give your preschooler the opportunity to interact with children his/her own age. Our activities will enhance their physical, social, mental, and emotional well-being. Activities include: arts, crafts, songs, stories, water play, large muscle play and more. Please dress your child in play clothes. Fill out information and permission slips at the time of registration.  Instructors: Carolyn McMullin & Katelyn Chalus.
M-F . . . 9-11a . . . $50 ID/$60 OD 


Week 1 6/24–28 | Bugs Galore

Explore the exciting world of creepy crawlies.


Week 2 7/8 -12| Wild and Wacky Animals

From the low lands to the tops of the mountains. From the smallest to the largest. We will explore many different animals, including dinosaurs, throughout the week.


Week 3  . . . 7/15-19 | Transportation — Travel
We’ll check out many modes of transportation and invite some special people from our community to join us.  


Week 4 . . . 7/29-8/2 | Beach Extravaganza
Explore the ocean from its depths all the way to the shore line. We will include water activities and end with a Luau on our own make believe beach.


Week 5 . . . 8/5-9 | The Arts
Exploring different art mediums while using our five senses: sight, smell, hearing, feeling and even taste.


Summer Daze Camps ButterflySummer Daze Camps

Ages 4 & 5 (no age exceptions). Your little ones will have fun in a safe and nurturing environment at River Road Park. We will play games, make crafts, sing songs and make friends all summer long. Please dress your child appropriately for the weather and bring a sack lunch, drink, swimsuit and towel every day. We will play in the wading pool if weather permits (70 degrees & sunny). Fill out a permission slip at the time of registration. Instructors: Instructors: Sally Pravel / Roxanne Laisure /
Cece Chappelle. Full week only, no daily fee offered.
M-F . . . 9a-1p . . . By the week $80 ID/$100 OD


Week 1 . . . 6/17-21 | Kings, Queens & Castles
Welcome to your fairy tale! Did you ever want to be a King, Queen, Prince or a Princess for a day? Now’s your chance! Live your fantasy through dress up and role playing.


Week 2 . . . 6/24-28 | Animals of the World
Explore the animal kingdom under the water, in the forest, out on the desert and in the jungle. Nature never looked so good!


No Camp . . . 7/1-7/5


Week 3 . . . 7/8-12 | Mindful Kids
Mindfulness, kindness, focus and calm. Working on managing everyday emotions, using mindful activities such as yoga, meditation, movement, stories, games and even some cloud watching.


Week 4  . . . 7/15-7/19 | Construction Chaos
Calling all engineers and building fanatics!! We will be building all sorts of things out of blocks, wood, Legos and recycled products. Use your imagination and see what you can come up with!


Week 5  . . . 7/22-26 | Going Green
All of our projects will be made from recycled goods. Learn about composting, re-using, re-cycling and leaving a very small carbon footprint.


Week 6  . . . 7/29-8/2 | Mad Scientists
We will do fun, kid friendly science experiments each day. During the week, we will explore some natural science specimens, take a scavenger hunt and immerse ourselves in the wonders of the world.


Week 7  . . . 8/5-8/9 | Fun Food & Fitness
We will keep on the move with dance, yoga, running, outdoor games and swimming. During our inside time we will be learning and tasting some healthy and delicious recipes.


Week 8  . . . 8/12-16 | All about Art
Express yourself by using different mediums of art and learn different techniques. We will paint, sculpt and make a collage. This week is full of creative opportunities!


Week 9  . . . 8/19-23 | Pirates & Princesses
You can be a pirate, a mermaid, or a sea captain as we travel the seven seas of imagination. We’ll experience ocean adventures, and explore the life and treasures found beneath the sea. We’ll be doing a lot of water play and “wet” hands on activities.


Summer Adventure Camps

Entering grades 1-5 (Fall 2019). Adventure camps promise you a summer of fun to remember. Each camper will receive a camp T-shirt during their first session of summer. All camps held at River Road Park. Permission slip and medical release are required at time of registration. Bring a swimsuit and towel each day. Dress appropriately for the weather and activities. Camp groups will be formed by grade levels. Full week only, no daily fee offered. Field trips are on Thursdays. Drop off for camp begins at 7:30a in the modular building. Camp begins at 9a. Please be on time. Strict time lines are set for field trip days.
M-F . . . 9a-4p . . . Weekly: $125 ID $145 OD
FIELD TRIP WEEKS: Weekly: $140 ID $165 OD


Extra Care
Children signed up for Adventure Camps are eligible for extended day care. Children may stay as late as 6p. Fees must be paid in advance.
M-F . . . 4-6p Daily $12 ID/OD Weekly $50 ID/OD


Week 1  . . . 6/24-6/28 | Fab Lab (Field Trip)
Fun, kid friendly science experiments each day! Will it sink or will it float? Will it fizzle, explode or pop? We will find many different ways to create science. Experiments to dazzle the mind! On Thursday, camp will head up to OMSI to challenge our minds!


Week 2 . . . 7/1-7/3 | Stars & Stripes
No camp on Thursday July 4 and Friday July 5.  America’s having a birthday and you’re invited! Celebrate your independence with a fun filled week of games and crafts all about the USA! Bring a t-shirt for our annual tie-dye party then we will end the week with a good old fashioned BBQ!
MTuW . . .  . . . $72 ID $84 OD $27/week aftercare


Week 3 (Field Trip) . . . 7/8-7/12 | Animal Planet
Are you ready to swing like a monkey, slither like a snake, swim like a fish, and frolic like a peacock? Lots of arts, crafts and swimming this week. Thursday we will be hanging out with the animals, and traveling to the Portland Zoo.


Week 4 . . .  7/15-7/19 | Sports & More
Soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball. What’s your favorite sport? We will be playing all sorts of sports this week. So wear your runnin’ shoes and come ready to move.


Week 5 . . . 7/22-7/26 | Master Chef Junior
We will be cooking in the kitchen this week. Kids will be learning how to make and experiment with new recipes each day. Each camper will get to take home a recipe book of the dishes they made throughout the week.


Week 6 . . .  7/29-8/2 | X Marks the Spot
Camp will travel above and below the deep blue sea on a scallywag adventure. Kids will create treasure maps, sea creatures, and search for buried treasure. Be careful though, pirates are a thievin!!


Week 7 (Field Trip) . . . 8/5-8/9 | Just Keep Swimming
Get your swimsuits on and let’s party in the water. This week we will be playing and having fun in the water. Adventure camp will also be heading up to Corvallis to play at the Osborn Aquatic Center. Groups 1 & 2 will go to the Osborn Aquatic Center on Wednesday, August 7 and groups 3 & 4 will go to the Osborn Aquatic Center on Thursday, August 8.


Week 8 . . . 8/12-8/16 | Twist and Shout
Can you twist and shout to new songs and old? Let’s turn up the music, beat the drums, hula your hips and dance your way through the week! Let’s create our own instruments and move our feet. We’ll finish the week with a dance party to show off your moves!


Week 9 . . . 8/19-8/23 | It’s the Final Countdown…
Day 5: Game Day ~ Kids will get to choose their favorite games to play today.
Day 4: Waterworks ~ We will be having fun in the sun and playing in the water.
Day 3: Art -Antics!! ~ Today will be all about creating beautiful art.
Day 2: PJ Day ~ Let’s start the day with a summer camp slideshow, and hang in our PJ’s all day.
Day 1: It’s a Party ~ Crazy hair, hanging out with friends, and celebrating the last day of camp.


Lego Camps


Harry Potter Magical Engineering with LEGO® Materials

Ages 6-10. Explore the magic of Harry Potter using LEGO®! Find Platform 9 ¾, build Hogwarts Express Train, work cooperatively to construct the mysterious Hogwarts Castle, and soar on the wings of a Norwegian Ridgeback Dragon. Travel to a world of wizardry and hone your magical skills while learning about Muggles. (STEM) concepts.
7/8-7/12 . . . M-F . . . 2-5p . . . $90 ID/$110 OD


Ninjaneering with LEGO® Materials

Ages 6-10. Enter the world of Ninjago and become an apprentice Ninjaneer! Learn the way of Spinjitzu, build the Fire Temple, race Skull Trucks, and encounter the mighty Dragon! Imagine and build unique and fun LEGO projects with the guidance of an experienced Play-Well instructor while exploring the fantasy world of Ninjago. This is an ideal way to prepare young Ninjaneers for the challenge of Ninjaneering Masters with LEGO camp.
7/22-7/26 . . . M-F . . . 2-5p . . . $90 ID/$110 OD


Bash’Em Bots with LEGO® Materials

Ages 6-10. Have you ever wanted to learn how to make a massive motorized LEGO® machine? Our Play Well Engineering instructors guide students in this advanced Play-Well engineering camp, as they re-engineer standard LEGO® vehicles into mechanized machines that can traverse challenging obstacles, battle against fellow bots, and take on Play-Well Instructors’ colossal creations.
8/5-8/9 . . . M-F . . . 2-5p . . . $90 ID/$110 OD


Jazzed Up Junior High Camp


Entering grades 6 through 8. Group size limited to 13. Fill out permission slips at the time of registration. Drop off for camp begins at 8:30a. Camp begins at 9a. Please be on time for drop off and pick up for Teen Camp. Strict time lines are set for Field trip days. Instructors: Connor Covey & T.J. Wright.

M-Th . . . 9a-4p . . . Weekly $140 ID $160 OD


Week 1 . . . 7/8-7/11 | Sports Galore
Kick off the summer and test your skills with a trip to Kick City and Defy Eugene Trampoline center. Throw in swimming, hiking and other fun actives and you’ve got sports galore!


Week 2 . . . 7/15-7/18 | Animal Planet
Feed your wild side as we head out to Wildlife Safari and get an up-close look at cool, cute and crazy creatures nature has to offer. We will also stop by the Raptor Center and Greenhill humane society.


Week 3 . . . 7/22-7/25 | Make It or Break It
Its pedal to the medal as we hit the road and how extreme you can go. This week it’s the High Ropes course, Laser Tag and Rock climbing.


Week 4 . . . 7/29-8/1 | Calendar Craziness
Wish you could get all the fun of holiday without the boring wait in between? Well…the calendar’s been mashed! Start the week with Christmas fun, experience Easter joy…take an adventure into the Enchanted Forest for Halloween, go ice skating and celebrate the good ol’ USA to top it off.


Week 5 . . . 8/5-8/8 | The Great Outdoors
Take this week to take it all in as we hit the road and hit the trails! Lots of hiking and sightseeing as we go rafting, hiking at Silver Falls and climbing Mt. Pisgah.


Week 6 . . . 8/12-8/15 | H2Oh yeah!
Get ready to dive right in and make a splash as we swim on over to the “Splash pool” in Springfield. The beach is calling to us and maybe a bit of paddle boarding??? We will take a scuba lesson here at the park with our certified instructors.


Week 7 . . . 8/19-8/22 | Mad Scientist
Want all the fun of a science class but without the work??? You’ll be in the right place as we drive up to OMSI, visit the Eugene Science Center and dabble in some crazy experiments.

Specialty Camp


Safe Sitter Summer Camp

Ages 11-13. Safe Sitter classes prepare young adolescents to be safe, nurturing babysitters. They will receive hands on training in areas such as: Child Care Essentials, Safety for the Sitter, Injury Management and introduce Preventing Injuries and Behavior Management. Developed in 1980 by an Indianapolis pediatrician, Safe Sitter is a medically accurate program that teaches boys and girls how to handle emergencies when caring for young children. Each student will receive the Safe Sitter Babysitter’s Handbook, a completion card, a Safe Sitter note pad and pencil. This class includes choking rescue, but does not include CPR. We will also include tips for students to be “Safe at Home” when they are home alone after school. Kids get to attend our recreation swim afterward with no charge. Note: there will NOT be an instructor in the pool during Recreation swim. Please bring a lunch. Register at River Road Park or call 541-688-4052. Class is limited to 8 students. Instructor: Barbara Hoffman.
7/24-25 . . . WTh . . . 9a-2p . . . $75 ID/$90 OD




Gymnastics Camps


Preschool Summer Gymnastics Camp

Boys & Girls Ages 4-5 yrs. Skip the summer doldrums. Give your child a summer camp experience to remember. Our camp is filled to the brim with exciting gymnastics instruction, unique craft activities, special guest presentations, and topped with a dollop of fun and fitness. Campers are personally and patiently directed by Gym NW’s very own Peggy Walters to an unforgettable summer experience. Register Online with your park district account, at the Gymnastics Center, or call 541-688-8955 for more information.

Session 1:  Pony Party . . . 7/9-11

Session 2: Ice Age Adventure . . . 8/6-8
TuWTh . . . 9a-12:30p . . . $63 per session


Super Summer Gymnastics Camp

Ages 6-12. Open to boy and girl beginners and intermediates these camps promise a full range of exposure to gymnastics and serious FUN. Participants will be grouped by age and ability. Skills will be taught on all gymnastics apparatus under the supervision of our coaching staff. Parents and friends are treated to a week ending performance featuring all campers. Please wear good fitting and comfortable exercise clothing. Fee includes a special Gymnastics Northwest t-shirt. Register Online with your park district account, at the Gymnastics Center, or call 541-688-8955 for more information.

Session one: 6/24-6/28

Session two: 7/15-19

Session three: 8/12-16

M-F . . . 9a-3p . . . $155 per session





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